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Cody is a dynamic physical therapist with an appreciation for adventure and a drive for patient care. Get a glimpse of Cody’s experiences as a traveling therapist. Don’t forget to check out his breathtaking photographs he documented while on assignments.

How did you decide to become a traveling therapist?

Born in the flatlands of rural Ohio, I grew up physically active spending hours playing outside. From playing various sports (baseball, football, basketball, etc) to running through the sprinklers on the family golf course, I was constantly on the move.

Through college, I continued the athletic trend by learning how to throw the javelin. The spear throw came naturally, ultimately leading to opportunities for traveling to more prestigious events such as Penn Relays and NCAA track nationals. My javelin career came to an end with me earning NCAA All-American status, but my hunger for adventure was just beginning.

Upon finishing PT school I chose an outpatient clinical rotation at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I was living in an adventurer’s paradise. I had taken up mountain biking and spent majority of my time in the mountains. Working with patients who were also interested in nature and movement made my day job exciting. By this point I had a strong desire to travel and felt the path of a travel PT was my best option.

We hear you and your recruiter have a great relationship! What’s most important when looking for a recruiter to work with?

As destiny would have it, I answered the call of a recruiter from Delta named Ryan. Speaking with Ryan inspired me to make the leap towards my first travel PT assignment. Ryan has been a great friend and valuable asset in creating an amazing travel PT experience. When choosing to travel it is critically important you choose a recruiter you enjoy talking with, because you will be talking a lot.


There are many cool aspects to practicing as a traveling PT, which would you say are your favorites?

My favorite is the sense of freedom in choosing where, when, and how long I will stay at a location. Sure there is the gamble of landing a job I don’t enjoy, but worst-case scenario, I move on when the contract ends. The reward heavily outweighs the risk. The freedom I have as a travel PT has allowed me to experience the beautiful USA in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

My past 2 years as a traveling therapist I’ve been fortunate in landing fun and highly rewarding travel assignments in Beaumont, Texas and Espanola, New Mexico. I’ve loved both of these assignments. Fortunately, I had the chance to extend my stay in each of these locations by renewing for several contract assignments. What an honor and a pleasure this has been.

And the people I’ve met along the way… I have met amazing friends and many of which I still keep contact with. I’ve had the pleasure of working some great therapists and learning from a variety of patients. The cultural diversity I’ve experienced as a traveler has given me a new perspective of life in different areas.

Your recruiter says you’re in good shape. How much do you bench press? Squat?

In the past I had always gone to workout at the gym before or after work. My current job has such a badass gym facility that I opt to skip eating lunch and use that time to workout most days of the week. Working out in this time frame forces me to workout fast and intensely. Some days you may find me powerlifting and squatting 550 lbs, while other days doing yoga or meditation.

My training philosophy includes balancing higher intensity resistance training with lower intensity mobility practices. Both ends of the movement spectrum hold benefits and training both extremes help me to be more dynamic and adaptable.

I believe there is great power getting outside and into nature. Yes movement is a mandatory part of life, but the magic of movement WITH nature is often overlooked. I feel it is my responsibility to spread this message while being a positive role model for my patients. My lifestyle as a traveling PT allows me to help others move, while fueling my sense of adventure…

What are the best adventures you have been on while on an assignment?

I’ve had many great adventures traveling the past couple years, here are just a few highlights…

The Texas Gulf Coast…

2 1

Backpacking Big Bend National Park

4 3


Kayaking gator infested waters of the southeast Texas swamp…


A prime seat for the Rio Grande sunset…

7 8

Snowboarding with fellow travel PTs…

10 9

Diving in a frigid alpine lake after climbing New Mexico’s highest peak “Wheeler Peak”

11 12

Telluride, Colorado bluegrass festival and high country adventures…

13 14

More majestic mountains views… 


Who knew New Mexico had such views


As you can see, there’s a wild world of adventure waiting to be explored :)

To anyone considering the path as a traveling therapist, I encourage you to take the leap! Traveling as a PT is a unique and rewarding way to experience this great country.

To see more of my exciting adventures… Follow me on Instagram as: cody.crockett

Interested in experiencing similar adventures as Cody being a travel therapist? Reach out to Cody’s recruiter, Ryan Ellard, for information regarding current openings!

Ryan Ellard