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The first time I chatted with Aaron, he told me he wanted to do travel therapy to build his resume and really see the US. His wife was finishing up school and could travel around with him so it seemed like the right time for an adventure. He’s from California but has family in different states–a brother in Austin and a sister in Vegas. So naturally, Texas and Nevada were must see states on his list.

He decided to stay in Cali for his first assignment so he could get a feel for the process. He took a job a few hours from home and loved it. He learned a lot and after finishing up about 17 weeks there, he and his wife decided it was finally time to hop on over to Texas. And so the real travel adventure began!

I wasn’t able to find Aaron a job right in Austin (large metro areas don’t have a high need for travelers), but I was creative and Aaron was flexible. So Kerrville it was! A smaller town deep in the heart of Texas that would enable him to not only see his brother any weekend he wanted to, but also be within driving distance to the biggest (and coolest) cities in the state.

Aaron and his wife, Ericka, went into this assignment with the mindset that if something was within driving distance, they were going to do it. So they hit up Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas.

They had the opportunity to check out local spots like the trails of the Guadalupe River in town and also go explore the many awesome things Fredericksburg (30 minutes away) has to offer. They visited Enchanted Rock State Park and some of the wineries this fun city has to offer. They even attended Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg!

Aaron Enchanted Rock2.JPG

Aaron guadalupe River.JPG


Aaron Enchanted Rock1.JPG

Then in Austin (1:45 minute drive), they attended a UT football game (and Texas football is kind of a big deal) and they got to experience the greatness that is the ACL Music Festival. And somehow they also found time to hike the trails by the 360 bridge and take some beautiful shots.

Aaron 360 Bridge.JPG


Aaron UT game.JPG

Next big town they visited was San Antonio (1 hour drive) where they had the opportunity to enjoy a Spurs game and they also remembered the Alamo.

In Houston (3:30 minute drive), they hit up another basketball game and got to see the Rockets play the Mavericks. They stayed downtown for the weekend enjoying different restaurants and had the opportunity to check out NASA while in town.

Aaron Nasa3.JPG

Aaron Nasa.JPG

Aaron Nasa2.JPG

Aaron Houston.JPG


And lastly, they most recently hit up Dallas (4:25 minute drive) where they attended Delta’s Annual Christmas party at Reunion Tower looking mighty sharp. It was so very cool to get to meet them. They stayed at the adjoining hotel and got to take in the views that night from the tower. Then the next day, they visited Dealey Plaza where they got to see Lee Harvey Oswald’s vantage point when he shot JFK.

Aaron Dallas2.JPG

Aaron Dallas.JPG

What a cool couple, right? They are real adventure seekers. They love driving to see new places, they try new food, they attend sporting events in the cities they visit, and they even make it a point to get a history lesson about the locations they travel to. You know you want to be like them…I sure do.