Every marketing and recruiting representative is given extensive training through a stringent curriculum program provided by the Infusion Institute. Representatives are equipped with training that emphasizes on the following:

Customer Service: Exceptional customer experience promotes repeat business – and the customer is comfortable staying with the same firm when they have repeat business.

Time Management and Goal Setting: Causes recruiters/marketers to stay very focused on their daily tasks and accomplishments – they know how to get the most out of each day so the placement can be made quickly.

Sales Technique: A highly skilled recruiter/marketer is more efficient and understands client/candidate needs and is quicker at filling the placement – this decreases the time to fill.
Industry knowledge is shared on a regular basis to keep employees up-to-date on the industry trends and specialties within therapy which helps provide the most benefits to the customer.

Onboarding: Various intensive classes are provided to help ramp a new employee up quickly. Classes are offered in sales technique, people skills, technology, industry, and customer service. Clear expectations are set for employees for the first 90 days – which both increases retention and gets the employee off to a quick start.

Retaining employees means the customer doesn’t get passed from recruiter to recruiter. They can maintain the same point-of-contact over a long period of time – and this established relationship helps to provide the necessary care and treatment to a facilities patients.