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Progress Update: Physical Therapy Licensure Compact

For physical therapy providers, a world of opportunity is opening up.

As of August 5, the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact (PTLC) is now a reality in Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon, and Tennessee. These states have passed the legislation to enable physical therapists and physical therapy assistants to hold multistate licensing privileges, enabling career opportunities across state lines. Eighteen other states are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks.

The PTLC empowers any licensed resident of Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oregon, or Tennessee to apply for compact privileges in one of the active compact states, pay a fee, and go to work in days instead of weeks. Compact privileges will only be available to a provider who has an active license in a specific state with no actions in the past two years. There are no restrictions for new graduates or foreign graduates because the compact privileging relies on the resident state licensing board to verify everything.

Get a Fast Pass

Providers can streamline the process online through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, which eliminates the paperwork, background checks, and education verification portions of a standard application. (However, the online application doesn’t eliminate the state-specific Juris Prudence examination, which has specific completion requirements.)

Compact privileges will be verified through the PT Compact website for employers, while compact holders will utilize the FSBPT website to send their compact verifications to another state when applying for a non-compact license.

Caution Ahead

While the licensure provides expanded job and travel opportunities, providers should also be mindful of potential speed bumps. 

  • Expiration Dates: Compact privileges will expire on the same date as their residency state license.
  • Adverse Action: A compact privilege holder must report any encumbrance or adverse action placed upon any license (compact or non-compact) within two business days of the effective date. Compact privileges will automatically be revoked and the provider will have to wait two years before reapplying for compact privileges.
  • Residency Requirements: If a compact privilege holder moves or changes residency from a compact licensure state to a non-compact licensure state, all current compact privileges will be immediately terminated.

The Delta Companies will continue to bring you updates on the licensure.
For additional information, visit the PT Compact website or contact your recruiter today.

Article written by Kristen Seals, Associate Director of Licensing at The Delta Companies

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