Do I have to have a license in order to be considered?

Due to the nature of our business, many of our candidates are moving from state to state. Should you accept a new position, we can help you take the steps required to obtain new licensure.

Why did the facility need to hire you to find a candidate?

Hospitals, groups, small practices, and other facilities hire us for a number of reasons. Every facility is in direct competition for quality candidates, so it is in the best interest of both facilities and candidates to have a professional on their side to champion their cause. In this competitive market, recruiting is a full-time job. Many facilities do not have the resources to dedicate to a quality search. For this reason, facilities outsource the search in the same way they outsource other things they may not be equipped to handle successfully. In addition, we are in-tune with the market and better equipped to consult with both facilities and candidates throughout the process.

Will your service cost me anything?

No. Our professional recruitment services are paid for solely by the recruiting healthcare facility. If you choose to interview, travel expenses are pre-paid and you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses. Candidates should never pay fees to a recruitment firm for recruitment services.

How can using a recruiter to secure my new position benefit me?

• Since we understand the job marketplace in your specialty, we are often able to negotiate better salaries and benefit packages for our candidates. We take the “negative” aspects of the interview process out of your hands and into ours, so you are solely focused on determining if the opportunity is the right fit for you and your family.
• We have personally visited each practice opportunity on-site, so we are able to offer an unbiased view of the practice, the people, and the community. We offer client facilities a guarantee for all placements, so it is in our best interest to be frank with you about potential positives & negatives and ensure that the position is the right fit for you.
• We represent opportunities across the country, so we may make you aware of quality options you aren’t currently aware of.

How are you qualified to represent this job opportunity?

• Our professional recruiting consultants have spent several days at the facility and in the community, speaking with human resources, the directors, the employees, real estate agents, community representatives, and others. We don’t ask easy questions, and we gain clarity about the practice situation at that facility. No one is more qualified to represent the practice opportunity than we are.
• We represent opportunities in your specialty day-in and day-out, so we understand the job marketplace. We are often able to negotiate better compensation & benefits packages for our candidates.

If I choose to be considered for a position, what happens next?

Upon your authorization, we will send your resume/CV to the client and proceed with setting up an interview. Our in-house travel agency will set up travel for you and your spouse. All costs are prepaid, so you will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

The opportunity you advertised seems too good to be true. What’s the catch?

We represent some of the best practice opportunities in the country. Our search consultants evaluate each new search opportunity on-site before we advertise it and construct the advertising campaign to communicate the features and benefits of the practice and community. When completing the on-site profile, the search consultant will develop a comprehensive understanding of the practice opportunity, and all the details will be presented to you verbally. There is no catch.

Why don’t you put the locations of your practice opportunities in your advertising?

We represent some of the top opportunities in the country, but we are unable to disclose some of those locations in our initial advertising. There are several reasons:
• Our clients hire us to pre-qualify candidates to ensure that they meet their requirements.
• Clients cannot manage the volume of calls that we receive in response to their opportunities.
• We are a national search firm representing opportunities across the United States; when you respond to an advertisement, we will find out what is important to you. Your ideal practice opportunity could be in a location you wouldn’t initially consider. We may also be able to tell you about additional practice opportunities that match your geographic preferences.

Where do you have job opportunities?

We are a national healthcare recruiting firm representing opportunities in specialties all across the United States, from Alaska to Florida. New opportunities arrive every day.

Do you have positions other than what is advertised on your website?

Yes. New opportunities arrive every day. If you would like to be notified by e-mail of new practice opportunities, please click here.

I can’t accept a new position immediately. When do you want to hire someone?

Finding a new job is a lengthy process. It is best to get started now, even if you’re not yet ready to make a move. Our clients understand that for the right candidate, they may need to wait several months for that individual to begin practicing at their facility.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes. We will not send your resume/CV or contact information to client facilities unless you have expressed interest in a specific opportunity, and The Delta Companies will not sell your personal information to third parties.

My question is not answered here. Where can I send my question?

Please visit our contact us page to find the appropriate place to send your question, and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.