Delta Healthcare Providers was named to Inavero’s 2015 Best of Staffing Talent list. This designates the company as one of the top 2% of staffing agencies in the country for service excellence. We deliver results for all your Permanent Placement needs.

Calculated Performance

We believe that service is making a quality connection; and how we go about that service constantly evolves. We seek and utilize direct feedback from healthcare providers on ways to better improve the experience of our customers. This doesn’t happen by chance; this kind of service and experience is the result of calculated and measured efforts from our dedicated team, gathered through the Customer Experience Index (CxP).

The CxP is a tool we use to gage our company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). The two-question survey goes out to every customer in which we engage and input from the survey is evaluated four times per year.

Understanding the impact each of our employee’s has on a customer’s life is pivotal to the purpose of The Delta Customer Experience. Providing an experience that goes above expectation is what compels customers to work with us. Delta Healthcare Providers maintains a NPS score that doubles the industry average—but to us, this is the only acceptable standard of performance.

Experience the AND

How do we create the best customer experience in the industry? People — people who are driven AND who care.

Some firms have driven people. Some firms have people that care. We have both. Each day, our members balance passion AND grace, or better defined, performance AND humanity. We strongly believe in creating a competitive, effective environment that people enjoy being a part of.

Unbeatable Culture

We make success look good. And fun. From monthly internal awards such as the GameBall, Round Sam, I Got This! Glove, and Wingman award, to handing out quarterly guitars and gold jackets, we motivate our team with tangible goals and unique bragging rights. We People who take their work seriously, but not themselves that seriously.

Our culture can’t be beat. With specified teams for permanent placement, locum tenens placement, and allied placement, our members have the time and resources for tailored training in their field. Our culture creates a bridge between each field, optimizing results for our candidates in order to find the best situation for each individual.

Experience Humility

Philanthropy is a fundamental staple of The Delta Companies’ culture and each of our members plays a vital role in supporting this value. This giving spirit translates not only in donations and support of wonderful organizations, but also in the work that we do and access we provide to patients in need.

Our members support a unified commitment to do well for others. From Days of Caring (paid time off dedicated to philanthropy or volunteer work) to organizing team lunches, bible studies, and fundraisers the spirit of fellowship at Delta Locum Tenens strengthens bonds between internal members. This camaraderie and teamwork ultimately helps provide better communication and service to customers.