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George is a certified foodie and physical therapist assistant who isn’t afraid to try new things! Get a glimpse of George’s experiences as a traveling therapist. Don’t forget to check out his awesome photographs he documented while on assignments.

Your recruiter tells us you are a big foodie. How do search for restaurants when you arrive at a new location?

I definitely use Google Maps to find food destinations. I always eat local to support the businesses unique to the traveling assignment area. I eat pizza every Friday and when I was in Texas, I ate BBQ every Saturday.

We hear that you have a pretty awesome beard. How long have you been growing it?

As of right now, 8 months, I was forced to shave my beard to work in New Mexico and haven’t trimmed/shaved it since. I’ll trim it when I have my student loans paid off in a couple months.

What did you do before you were a Physical Therapy Assistant? Why did you make the switch?

I was a High School Social Studies teacher for 2 years before becoming a PTA. I was laid off back in 2011 due to a budget deficit in Erie, PA and decided to leave the teaching profession and do something that’s a growing field. My hometown has a college that solely does 2 year programs and I had a couple friends that did PTA and I really liked the program and wanted to learn more.

How many professional state licenses do you have? And how do you stay organized and keep them up-to-date?

I have 9 currently that are active (WA, TX, NY, MD, VA, NM, OR, ND, GA). I have them all figured out in a Word document with dates they expire and how many CEUs that state requires.

Is there a reason you prefer cold weather?

I’m originally from PA and I’ve lived in cold weather for 28 years or so. I’m so use to the snow and cold weather, it doesn’t bother me one bit. I actually wear sandals and a track jacket in cold temps typically. I also did an assignment in ND a couple years ago as well. I prefer cold weather over warm/hot weather!

What is your relationship like with your recruiter?

My recruiter, Jessica, is simply awesome. She’s a hard worker and is always there if I need anything by work phone or cell.

What is the best adventures you have been on while on an assignment?

My trip to Finland/Estonia in 2016 for visit my cousin. I was in between assignments and went to see my cousin who was going to college in Finland. My trip was for 10 days and it was my first time going overseas. In a close second, was my trip to New England/Canada in Feb 2017. It was definitely the worst time of year to go but it was a total load of fun.

What would you recommend to a new graduate that is interested in travel therapy?

Try it out and if you don’t like it…it’s only for 3 months. It’s not for everybody though, it’s tough if you have kids or are married. Luckily, I have none of that stuff.

What was your biggest hesitation to becoming a therapist?

I actually didn’t have any. After I passed my national exam, I started talking to Delta a month afterwards in early 2014.

What is the most challenging thing you have come across while traveling?

Finding good pizza joints. I eat pizza every Friday and a couple placements I’ve done have had some terrible pizza places to eat at.

#1 2017-02-17 Canada Trip- Poutine

#2 2018-02-23 Atlanta, GA- Pizza

#3 2018-01-04 Georgia Trip- Snowy Weather

#4 2015-01-03 Idaho in the Winter

#5 2016-05-29 Eastern Oregon in Spring

#6 2016-07-06 A patient gave me 2 bins of Rainer cherries

Interested in experiencing similar adventures as George being a travel therapist? Reach out to George’s recruiter, Jessica Reid, for information regarding current openings!

Jessica Reid